Why We Love Living In Rancho Santa Fe

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Why We Love Living In Rancho Santa Fe

The community of Rancho Santa Fe plays host to several private estates as well as luxury homes. It can be said to be the parent of several other communities within it that are kept behind closed gates. This luxury community offers the same type of sophistication that can be found in similar communities of Malibu, Bel Air and Beverly Hills. Although they all bear sophistication, Rancho Santa Fe real estate is less pretentious in its offerings but that still does not dissuade from its charm but adds to it.

The homes that can be found in Rancho Santa Fe are usually on the massive scale with no less than 5000 square foot being covered by them. As a result of the rolling lands available, residents are guaranteed privacy and seclusion from nosy individuals. Although some of the residents have homes here for the purpose of vacation, living here on a yearly basis has its own perks attached to it. A good 60-70% of the owners live there on a full time basis.

As a part of its attractiveness, the community ensures that its residents are comfortable and well protected therefore many of the private homes are gates or within gated communities. Some of the neighborhoods that offer this include: Fairbanks Ranch, The Farms, Crosby Estates and the Del Mar Country Club among others. For those who love nature and wildlife, equestrian sports as well as pristine golf courses are a common fixture of the fabric of this community.

Although the community of Rancho Santa Fe is heavily geared towards being a residential abode, there are still a couple of economic activities that thrive there. From the upscale shops that are in the town centre to the fine dining restaurants, museums and art galleries such as the Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild, there will never be a lack of activities to engage in. The fine dining restaurants include noteworthy establishments such as the Rancho Valencia Restaurant, Mille Fleur and The Inn. If golf is a leisure sport you would want to engage in, then Rancho Santa Fe plays host to the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club, The Bridges, The Del Mar Country Club and Morgan Run amongst others so it really is a matter of personal taste as residents are spoiled for choice. A fee is required to have access to the fairways.

For the more challenging sports, equestrian activities are highly encouraged and the Del Mar Race Track is one that is easily accessible from all corners of the community. This race track offers attractions like horse racing, the annual fair, trade shows, antiques expo, home fair and concerts etc. If you have children, there are elementary and public middle schools till grade 8 standards or the option of private schooling is one that can be looked into with renowned establishments such as Nativity School and The Horizon School. Students above the level of grade 8 can enroll for higher grades in the schools a few miles away.